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Tree Trimming and Lighting Installation


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Tree Trimming


Thinking Green Landscaping provides exceptional tree trimming in Homestead, FL. There are very few items you can have in the exterior of your home that enhance property value and appearance more than a luscious tree. It is important to note that a tree has little regard for the structural integrity of your home and its property lines. Ensure the safety of your family and the convenience of your neighbors with our tree services.
If the branches of your tree are getting too close to your windows, or are encroaching on your neighbor’s lawn, let Thinking Green Landscaping trim the branches to keep them in line. Simply cutting off the limbs that are overextending will negatively affect the symmetry of your branches. We provide tree shaping to make sure your timber is balanced.


Lighting Installation


Thinking Green Landscaping provides an incredible landscape lighting installation in Homestead, FL. You can think of a home’s landscape like a scene in a movie or play. You have spent all this time arranging all the objects in the frame to make them as beautiful as they can be. However, if your yard is poorly lit, no one will be able to see the fruits of your labor.
Subtlety is always a great way to approach an outdoor lighting installation. It is a good idea to hide the sources of your light, so only the rays of illumination they produce are evident. In order to do this, we embed lights into the ground and point them upwards at the exquisite objects in your landscape. This is a perfect way to showcase a tree or statue.

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